Shimadzu- Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer(Model:GCMS-TQ8030)

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Chemists need to measure chemical substances quickly and accurately, but sample pretreatment and interference from complex matrices remain a problem. A solution to these challenges has arrived. The solution is the GCMS-TQ8030 Triple Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, which provides the speed,accuracy, and easy operation scientists want.

High Sensitivity and Enhanced Selectivity

Because GC/MS systems are able to identify individual components using retention time and mass spectra, they are especially useful for detecting trace-level contaminants in a variety of sample types. However, unambiguous identification can be difficult in the presence of a complex or problematic matrix. Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) in GC/MS/MS systems separates masses in two stages, making the instrument significantly more selective than a single quadrupole system. As a result, even components that cannot be analyzed by conventional scan or SIM modes can be easily identified and quantified in the presence of complex matrices using MRM. For example, MRM can be a particularly effective measurement tool for analyzing residual pesticides in food.

High-Sensitivity Analysis by Single GC/MS Mode

The high-efficiency ion source provides the foundation of an ion generation and transmission system which efficiently creates, then delivers, ions to the detector, resulting in a GCMS with the highest sensitivity specification in its class. This achieves high sensitivity not only for MRM measurements by GC/MS/MS, but also for scan and SIM measurements by GC/MS.

High-Speed Performance

UFsweeper®Technology Effectively Accelerates Ions Out of the Collision Cell

UFsweeper® is a unique technology created by Shimadzu that minimizes collision cell length, while providing high CID efficiency and high ion transport speed. UFsweeper accelerates ions out of the collision cell by forming a pseudo-potential surface, as shown in the illustration below. This prevents any drop in signal intensity or cross-talk, even at fast measurement speeds.

Fast Scanning Analysis with ASSPTM

The GCMS-TQ8030 is equipped with an internal firmware protocol that optimizes the ion transmission parameters during the scan acquisition process. This technology, called Advanced Scanning Speed Protocol (ASSP™), is the key to this instrument’s ability to acquire high-quality spectra at scan speeds of up to 20,000 u/second.

High-Speed MRM Measurement

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