Signal Recovery- Current Preamplifier (Model:5182 )

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The model 5182 is a current-to-voltage preamplifier of low noise and low input impedance designed to amplify the extremely low currents encountered in such areas as photometry and semiconductor research. It has four standard sensitivity settings but in addition includes a special low-noise mode on the highest gain position for even better low current measurement capability. The unit features two outputs, allowing both the AC and DC components of the input signal to be independently monitored, so that, for example, in a PMT application the bias current can be measured separately from the signal current.

It can be powered from its own internally housed (alkaline) batteries, an external low voltage supply (±15 V or ±18 V) or from the model PS0108 remote line power supply(optional extra). This preamplifier can also be powered from most of our range of lockin amplifiers.

The model 5182 is ideally suited to amplifying signals from current sources such as electron multipliers, ion collectors, photomultipliers and photodiodes.

  • Low input impedance
  • Low noise
  • Single-ended virtual ground innput
  • Adjustable snesitivity
  • Bias current monitor (DC) and signal (AC) outputs
  • DC to 1 MHz frequency response
  • Battery or external DC power
  • Photodiode amplification
  • Photomultiplier amplification
  • Ion collector amplification
  • Electron multiplier amplification


DC coupled current to voltage amplifier with adjustable sensitivity and a maximum frequency response extending from DC to 1 MHz. Single-ended virtual ground input and single-ended DC and AC coupled outputs via BNC connectors

Battery powered from internal alkaline batteries or external DC power supply.

Modes Single-ended virtual ground
Coupling DC
Sensitivity Switch selectable (5 settings)
AC Output 10-5, 108, 107, 108, 108 low noise A/V
DC Output 10-3, 104, 106, 107, 108 A/V
Accuracy ±2%
Stability ±300 ppm/* C
Impedance see Figure 1
Max input w/o damage ±15 V DC or 10 V rms. AC @ 50 Hz
Noise see Table 1
Frequency Response
(AC Output)
lower limit 0.5 Hz upper limit depends on sensitivity setting, see Figure 2
Max DC current at input see Table 1
AC Output
Max voltage swing
Slow rate
450 Ω
>10 V pk-pk
> 22 V/µs
DC Output
Max voltage swing
10 kΩ
>±9 V
Current flowing into the input produces positive output voltage
Four 9 V alkaline batteries provide approximately 15 hours of use

±15 V or ±18 V DC @ 25 mA
110 V AC or 240 V AC via optional external model PS0108 power supply

(excluding connectors)
8.25" wide x 11" deep x 3.5" high (210 mm wide x 279 mm deep x 89 mm high)
Weight 5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg) excluding optional power supply

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