Signal Recovery- Dual Phase Lock-in Amplifier (Model: 5105)

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he model 5105 is a compact dual-phase lock-in amplifier ideal for those signal recovery applications not demanding the performance offered by more sophisticated instruments in the SIGNAL RECOVERY range. It does not incorporate controls for manual operation but instead is operated entirely via an RS232 interface using simple ASCII character string commands. This approach allows the unit to be located closer to the signal source than is the case with PC card based instruments, thereby improving performance.

The instrument uses two switching type (squarewave) demodulators to measure the magnitude of the input signal in-phase (X) and in quadrature (Y) with the applied reference signal, and outputs both analog and digital representations of these values.  The analog outputs are provided at front panel BNC connectors while the digital values, and in addition the resulting signal vector magnitude and phase angle, are available as responses to RS232 commands.

The signal channel includes high and low-pass filters which can be set to “bracket” the signal of interest thereby further improving the noise rejection, while the reference channel will operate from an external TTL or analog reference waveform.

Included with each instrument is a copy of 5105Acquire, a simple but versatile software package supporting up to ten instruments for Windows PC, giving access to all the instrument's controls and outputs. In addition, LabVIEW drivers are available for users wishing to use that environment to develop their own control software.

Supplied complete with a separate line power supply and 9-pin RS232 cable, the model 5105 is ready to use "out of the box". Its low cost and high performance allows phase sensitive signal recovery techniques to be used in many new applications.


Dual-phase analog lock-in amplifier operating over a reference frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 kHz, but also available calibrated for use at one user=specified spot frequency in the range 20 kHz to 100 kHz

Measurement Modes
The instrument can simultaneously measure these outputs:
   X    In-phase
   Y    Quadrature
   R    Magnitude
   ø    Phase Angle
Harmonic F only
Signal Channel
Modes Pseudo-differential
Grounding BNC shield can be grounded or floated via 1 kΩ to ground
Full-scale Sensitivity 10 µV to 1 V in a 1-3. 6-10 sequence (10 dB steps)
Max. Dynamic Reserve > 80 dB
Impedance 10 MΩ // 30pF
Maximum Safe Input 20 V pk-pk
Voltage Noise < 30 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz
C.M.R.R. < 40 dB @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Gain Accuracy ±2% typical for digital outputs; ± 6% typical for analog outputs
Gain Stability 200 ppm/ºC typical
Signal Channel Filters
High-pass Signal Channel Filter
   -3 dB frequency
1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz or 1 kHz
Low-pass Signal Channel Filter
   -3 dB frequency
50 Hz, 500 Hz, 5 kHz or 50 kHz
Frequency Accuracy ± 10%
Reference Channel
Mode TTL or Analog
Frequency Range
   Analog Impedance
5 Hz to 20 kHz
1 MΩ // 30 pF
Phase Set Resolution 0.1º increments
Phase Set Accuracy ± 1º
Phase Noise ≤ 0.015º rms @ 1 kHz, 100 ms, 12 dB TC ≤ 0.007º rms @ 10 kHz, 100 ms, 12 dB TC
Phase Drift , 0.05º/ºC
Orthogonality ± 1º
Acquisition Time 1 s + 2 cycles max
Demodulator and Output Processing
Mode Squarewave switching demodulator + HP/LP filters

Zero stability/Dynamic Reserve

Mode  Dynamic Reserve (Filters Off) Zero Stability 
High 46 dB 500 ppm/ºC
Normal 26 dB 100 ppm/ºC
High 6 dB 40 ppm/ºC

Output Filters
   Time Constants
    Analog and Digital Outputs
     Fast Mode     
     Normal Mode
    Digital Outputs only

300 µs, 1 ms, 3ms or 10 ms (316 µV to 1 V FS sensitivity)
30 ms, 100 ms, 300 ms or 1 s 
3 s and 10 s

Accuracy ±10%
Slope 6 dB/octave or 12 dB/octave
Offsets ±20% full-scale, X and/or Y
Main Analog (X and Y) Outputs

±1 V FS
1 kΩ

Signal Monitor 10 V pk-pk maximum
Reference Output

0 to 5 V rectangular wave

RS232 via 9-pin D type plug, configured as a DTE device.  Two ports are provided allowing up to sixteen model 5105 or compatible instruments to be controlled from a single computer port
Parameters (fixed) 4800 baud, no parity, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit
Rear panel rotary switch assigns a unique address to each instrument
Sensitivity, High and Low-
Pass Filter settings, Dynamic Reserve, Reference Phase, Time Constant and Slope can all be set and read via RS232 command
Auto Functions Auto-Phase and Auto-Phase
Data Transfer Rate 6-8 readings per second
   X and Y
   Signal Phase
   Ref Frequency
Max count = ±1200 (±1000=FS)
Max count = 1200 (1000=FS)
Max count=±1800, corresponding to ±180º
Response in millihertz
Software & RS232 Cable 5105Acquire, a full applications package from IBM PC or 100% compatible computer and supporting up to ten instruments, is suppliled with each unit.  This package allows access to all instrument controls and displays two selected instrument outputs.

In addition, a LabVIEW driver suitable fro version 4.01 and later of LabVIEW is available by download from our website at

The instrument is also compatible with the full SIGNAL RECOVERY Acquire Lock-in Amplifier Applications software.  A free demonstration version can be downloaded from the above website.

2 meter null-modem cable suitable for connecting the instrument to a 9-pin D-type RS232 plug on a PC computer is also included

Power Requirements +18 V DC unregulated @ 300 mA -18 V DC unregulated @ 80 mA
A separate power supply (model PS0108) suitable for 110 V V 60 Hz or 230 V 50 Hz operation is supplied with each instrument
8¼" (209 mm)
10½" (266 mm)
3½" (85 mm)
Weight 5 lb (2.3 kg)

Resource & Download

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