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Introducing Our Ultra-Fast Memory Recorder
  • High-speed (up to 100 MS/s), High Resolution (up to 16-bit), Isolated (up to 1kV*1)
  • Multi-channel, up to 128 Voltage/Temperature or 128 logic bits
  • Continuous hard disk recording at 100 kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels*2
  • CAN and LIN buses monitoring and trend waveform display (DL850V only)
  • 17 plug-in modules

*1. With the isolated probe (700929 or 701947)
*2. With the /HD0 or /HD1 option

The DL850 ScopeCorder Series are modular, waveform recording instruments that can measure voltage, current, strain, acceleration, and other phenomena– simultaneously. With high speed sampling, high isolation withstand voltage, and multichannel measurements, the DL850 Series offers powerful support in the development, evaluation, and quality control of energy efficient devices.

For increasingly fast inverter signals

High speed (100 MS/s), High resolution (12-bit), 1kV isolated measurements.*

Yokogawa's isoPRO technology offers industry-leading isolation performance at the highest speeds. The isoPRO core technology is designed with energy savings applications in mind. It gives you the performance needed to develop high efficiency inverters, which employ high voltages, large currents, and high operating speeds. 

Example – Measuring Inverter Output
Dl850 EX1 1Accurately observe inverter startup waveforms with sufficient time resolution. You can confirm that no excessive overshoots occured.

IsoPRO Basic R 02 High Speed & High Withstand Voltage Isolation Technology
DL850 EX2  Using high speed optical fiber-based transmissions, the module achieves high speed ADC clock and data isolation.

720210 High-speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module(Max. four(4) modules can be installed in a main unit.)
Module 720210
Rising waveform not completely captured
DL850 EX3 1
Rising waveform accurately captured
DL850 EX4 1

Example: Same inverter output waveform measured at 10MS/s and 100 MS/s

17 plug-in modules allow for flexible assorted measurements.

The lineup includes two new module types: A 16-CH Temp./Voltage Input Module, and a CAN & LIN Bus Monitor Module (DL850V only). All DL850 modules can be combined with measurement modules from the DL750 series products: 

  • High-speed Voltage
  • High-precision voltage
  • Temperature
  • Acceleration
  • Logic Input
  • 16-CH Temp./Voltage – NEW
  • High Voltage
  • 16-CH Voltage
  • Strain
  • Frequency
  • CAN Monitoring (with the DL850V)
  • CAN & LIN Monitoring (for DL850V only) – NEW

Note: The firmware version 2.00 or later is required when using the 16-CH Temp./Voltage Input Module(720221) and/or CAN&LIN Bus Monitor Module(720241). 

Advanced – Even More Measurement Points – Up to 128 CH of voltage input and 128 bits of logic input

The 16-CH Voltage Input Module (scanner type*) can measure at 10 kS/s sample rate even when using all 16 channels. With this module populating all 8 input module slots, the DL850 performs 128-CH voltage measurements.

The Logic Input Module supports everything from TTL levels, to high voltage contact closures at up to 10 MS/s*. With eight logic modules, the DL850 can monitor and capture 128 bits of logic.
Example: Measuring the startup sequence of a multi-output power source

Power supplies used in home computing electronics have many outputs, and it is necessary to control the sequences from output to output.  With a multichannel module, you are not limited to voltage measurements; a single unit can also measure everything from PC control signals to AC fan operation, individual component temperatures, and slow to high-speed signals.

DL850 EX19 7 Ch 1: AC Input Voltage
Ch 6: Supply Voltage
Ch 2: Reference Voltage
Ch 3: Reset Signal
Ch 1: Fan Rotation
16-bit logic: Control Signals

4-bit logic: Serial Communication
DL850 EX20
Catch transients in durability with high-speed sampling – Dual Capture

To visualize long term trends in durability testing and other situations, data is typically acquired at low-speed sample rates. On the other hand, suddenly-occurring transitional phenomena should be captured at high-speed sample rates. 

The "Dual Capture" feature resolves these conflicting requirements by recording at two different sampling rates.

  1. DL850 Dual Capture 1

    Zoom Waveform – You can record up to 5,000 phenomena of high speed trigger measurements (up to 100 MS/s) at a record length of 5-500 kPoints while taking trend measurements at up to 100 kS/s.

  2. Event Waveform -Displays the timing at which high speed "sub" waveforms are acquired

  3. Low Speed Main Waveform – Max: 100 kS/s Trend waveform displayed in a low-speed Roll mode

  4. Capture Waveform – Max 100 MS/s Capture transients with high speed trigger measurement
DL850 Chattering 1

Example: Parts Durability Testing

Parts used in automobiles and other transportation vehicles must be highly reliable. The "Dual Capture" function is very effective when performing vibration testing of connectors under varying temperatures.
  • Chattering is accurately captured at high-speed sampling
  • Check the frequency of occurence at low-speed sampling


Recall Past Waveforms – History Function
When you spot an abnormal phenomenon during repetitive high speed measurements, often the anomaly has disappeared from the screen by the time you press Stop.
Always active, the "History" function automatically divides the long memory into up to 5,000 "history waveforms" that can be redisplayed at any time.
 DL850 EX7 2

To extract abnormal waveformsArrow
DL850 EX8 1
Searching history waveforms 
When you want to extract abnormal phenomena exclusively, you can perform condition-based searches of the history waveforms. You can create a rectangular zone on screen and extract only waveforms that pass through or do not pass through the zone. You can also extract data based on amplitude and other parameters. 
To check the history…
DL850 EX9
You can display all past waveforms, and view a list of acquisition times at min 1µs resolution
Key Point
The History function requires no action during measurement. You can recall data at any time after measurement has been completed. Once waveforms have been recalled, you can zoom locations of interest or perform parameter measurements. 
Armed with an array of trigger functions
Simple & Enhanced Triggers 
The DL offers easy-to-use "Simple" triggers, or lets you combine various "Enhanced" triggers for even more advanced capturing.
Enhanced trigger conditions are set up intuitively in advanced, easy-to-understand graphical user interface
DL850 EX10
  • Edge: Trigger on a single trigger source condition (rising, falling, rising/falling)
  • Time: Trigger at a specified time or fixed interval


  • A -> B(N): Trigger when condition B is true N times after condition A becomes true
  • A Delay B: After condition A becomes true, trigger the first time condition B becomes true after a set time has passed
  • Edge On A: Trigger on an OR condition of an edge trigger while the A trigger is true.
  • OR: Trigger if at least one trigger condition of multiple trigger sources is true
  • AND: Trigger if all trigger conditions of multiple trigger sources are true
  • Period: Trigger when a condition regarding the waveform period becomes true
  • Pulse Width: Trigger on a condition relating a pulse width condition being true with a specified time width condition.
  • Wave Window: Trigger when the signal passes outside of an real time template "Wave Window"

Example: "A Delay B" trigger setup screen (GUI)

Wave Window Trigger
The Wave Window trigger is useful for diagnosing typical power supply troubles such as momentary loss, sags, and surges. It can also detect frequency changes, voltage drops, and other phenomena, with support for AC waveforms of 40 to 1,000 Hz. A reference waveform (Real time template) is compared with the current waveform, and a trigger activates if the current waveform falls outside of the allowable range. The reference waveform is generated automatically from the previous waveform in real time.
DL850 EX11
*The Wave Window is not displayed on the display.
Action ON Trigger
To capture infrequently occurring phenomena, you can use an "Action ON Trigger" to perform multiple actions that are specified in advance when a trigger occurs.
DL850 EX12 1 You can specify "e-mail transmission" for immediate notification in a remote location when a phenomenon occurs.
  • Beep Sounds
  • Prints out screenshots
  • Saves waveform data
  • Saves Screenshots
  • Sends e-mails to a specified address
Superior Noise Rejection
DL850 EX16 1Excellent noise rejection performance is achieved through meticulous low-noise design. Floating voltage switching waveforms in inverter circuits can also be captured with precision.
DL850 EX13 1 Example: Measuring inverter gate signals
DL850 EX14 1
DL850 EX15 1

Model 701250 Voltage Input Module

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