Title: “Centrifugal Fan Working Animation Using Blender Software – The CNC Vietnam Distributor’s Contribution to Industrial Measurement and Automation”


Title: “Centrifugal Fan Working Animation Using Blender Software – The CNC Vietnam Distributor’s Contribution to Industrial Measurement and Automation”


As a leading expert with over 15 years of experience in industrial measurement, testing equipment, and automation in manufacturing plants, I am excited to share with you the latest innovation in centrifugal fan technology. In this article, I will introduce and discuss the application, usage, and relevant knowledge of this product, which falls under the realm of industrial measurement and testing or automation in factories.


Centrifugal fans, also known as blowers, are essential industrial equipment used for various applications such as ventilation, cooling, and dust control. These fans work by moving air or other gases, creating a vacuum or pressure difference, to provide air supply or exhaust the gas. As a critical component in industrial processes, centrifugal fans are constantly evolving to meet the demands of various industries.

INO Measure, the CNC Vietnam distributor, is proud to introduce the centrifugal fan with a working animation using the Blender software. This revolutionary product is set to optimize your industrial processes, increase energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

Working Animation:

The Blender software’s capabilities allow us to create a working animation of the centrifugal fan, which simulates its operation in different conditions. This animation showcases the fan’s design and inner workings, providing a clear understanding of its working principles.


The centrifugal fan is widely used in industries such as cement, power, steel, chemical, and many others. Its main purpose is to provide a steady airflow in a closed system to maintain the desired temperature, control dust and fumes, and handle volatile gases. With the use of the Blender software, the fan’s performance can be simulated and analyzed to optimize industrial processes.

Usage and Benefits:

By using the centrifugal fan with the Blender software, plant managers, maintenance personnel, quality control officials, and laboratory personnel can easily monitor the fan’s performance and make necessary adjustments. This product has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate, even for those without advanced technical knowledge.

The Blender software also allows for real-time data analysis, providing valuable insights into the fan’s performance and potential issues, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtimes. With its advanced features, it also helps reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, leading to cost-effective operations and increased productivity.


The centrifugal fan with working animation using Blender software is a game-changer in the industrial measurement and automation industry. With its innovative technology, it provides real-time data analysis, improved energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it an essential component in any manufacturing plant. As the CNC Vietnam distributor, INO Measure is proud to bring this cutting-edge product to various industries and contribute to the growth of the industrial sector.

If you are responsible for maintenance, quality control, or procurement in your organization, consider the centrifugal fan with working animation using Blender software to optimize your industrial processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Reach out to our team at INO Measure for more information and to experience the benefits of this revolutionary product.
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