Chandler Engineering-Portable Natural Gas Chromatograph (Model:292)

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 The Model 292B portable Natural Gas Chromatograph is truly “operator friendly.” Sophisticated software does all the work. Results are available on the digital display and can be printed or transferred to a computer. It requires a sample line connection and then press the START TEST button. After twelve minutes, you will see the results on the LCD display. You’ll be able to determine immediately if there are any gas stream deviations from the norm. You’ll also be able to read the relative density (specific gravity), mole percent of each constituent of the gas stream, and compressibility on an unsaturated and saturated basis. 

Proven Performance 
Chandler’s years of experience manufacturing the CARLE™ Laboratory Gas Chromatograph and related Carle GC valves and columns, gives the Model 292B a distinct advantage over other brands. Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures that the Model 292B will maintain superior repeatability over its entire service life. Our experience in GC valve design assures you reliable and trouble-free operation. Advanced software with two onboard computers allows the Model 292B to calculate heating value, relative density and compressibility using the AGA -8 method. The system also analyzes composition with exceptional accuracy. Oven temperature is precisely controlled to within ± 0.01°C, eliminating errors caused by ambient temperature fluctuations. Analysis repeatability is better than ± 0.5 BTU/1000 BTU. In addition, our Thermal Conductivity Detectors (TCD) provide extremely high sensitivity to low concentrations of components. To ensure peak performance and repeatability at all times, the TCD bridge is balanced automatically before each analysis.

The Model 292B is fully calibrated to a gas of a known composition. You may want to recalibrate it periodically to ensure repeatability. This can be done using standard calibration gas, the keypad and software programmed into the unit. If no other calibration data is entered, the unit defaults to the original factory input.

Stores 32 calibrations in memory, which can be retrieved as active calibrations. Stores 256 24-hour average reports of all components and values. Stores 128 complete analyses. Repeatability better than +/- 0.5 BTU/1000 BTU. Uninterrupted access to data and controls, even during an analysis. LCD Display and printed report in English or metric units. The unit can be configured for use as a temporary on-line analyzer. 

FM and CSA approved for Class 1, Div 2, Groups C&D 

•  Compliance with industry standards: GPA, ATMS, ISO, AGA 

•  Calculations based on AGA-8 Direct Method 

•  Built-in data protection and diagnostics 

•   Repeatable to 1/2 BTU (± .05%) 

•  RS-232 data port; parallel printer port 

•  Field-rugged, compact, water resistant, and easy-to-carry package 

•  Weighs 37 pounds with carrying handles 

•  No external devices are required to perform an analysis 

•  High performance; lower costs 

•  No routine maintenance 

•  Simple to operate 

Range:  0-2,000 BTU/scf and 0-74,500 kJ/m3 

Repeatability:  ±0.05% or ±0.5 BTU/1000 BTU 
Standards:  Meets applicable GPA, ASTM, AGA-8 (direct method) and ISO standards. 
Approved for:  Custody Transfer by Industry Canada, California Public Utility Commission and GOSSTANDART of Russia. 

Operating Temp:
  -10° to 130°F (-25-55°C), non-condensing
Rating:  Approved by Factory Mutual Corporation, Canadian Research Assoc. and GOSSTANDART of Russia for use in Class I, Div 2, Groups C&D locations. European EMC approved. 
Enclosure:  NEMA 4 

Power Requirements: 
115 or 230 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz 
250 VA startup, 40 VA operating 
Can be operated with inverter from 12 VDC 

Sample Gas:  
Analyzes liquid-free natural gas that contains nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, ethane, propane, I-butane, N-butane, I-pentane, neo-pentane, N-pentane, C6 and heavier components. 
Max Inlet Pressure:  3,500 psig (24,132 kPa) 
Min Inlet Pressure:  7-10 psig (48-69 kPa). 
Connection:  1/8” stainless steel tube 

Carrier Gas: 
Zero-grade helium (99.995% pure) 
Pressure: 150 psig (1135 kPa) 

Connection: 1/8” SS tube (metric adapter kit available) 

Supply Gas (GC valve):  Nitrogen, helium, or instrument air 
Pressure:  80 psig (552 kPa) 
Connection:  1/4” flared tubing 

Calibration Gas:  
Certified natural gas standard in 14-liter bottle (240 psig) consisting of 11 components: approximately 90% methane (1050 BTU value). Special handling for hazardous material is required for shipment. Part #292B-00342 

Analog Output Signals: 
Chromatogram: 0-10 VDC, 1000 Ohm impedance. 
Oven temperature: 0-10 VDC, 1000 Ohm impedance. 
4-20 mA Outputs: Model 298 transmitter option provides four 4-20 mA outputs per stream. Connects to serial port. 

Printer Interface: 
Parallel Port:
  Epson-compatible interface to dot-matrix, laserjet or inkjet printer. 

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