EMTEST-Micropulse Generator (Model: MPG 200S5)

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  • Standalone test generator
  • Test Voltage up to 1,100V
  • 6 different source impedance values
  • Built-in electronic battery switch
  • Built-in CDN 60V/25A DC
  • Front panel operation
  • Standard Test routines
  • USB and GPIB interfaces


MPG 200S5 – Automotive Micropulse Generator

Micropulses occur on the battery supply system when an inductive load is disconnected from the DC supply. These pulses are of a medium energy content having a rise time in the low microsecond range and a duration of several tenth or hundreds/thousands of microseconds. Their polarity depends on whether the inductive load is of a passive (e.g. a heater) or an active type (e.g. a DC motor).


MPG 200S5 – Standalone Micropulse Generator with built-in Battery Switch

The MPG 200S5 includes everything necessary to conduct fully compliant tests up to 1,100V. The bult-in electronic battery switch allows interruption of the DC supply voltage as required by the standards. The MPG 200S5 is a standalone tester including a 60V/25A DC coupling/decoupling network but still it can be integrated easily into a complete test system.
Operation is both manual and by software via GPIB or RS232. Fail inputs allow to control an ongoing test sequence based on the status of the DUT. A warning lamp control contact and a safety interlock is provided.
Pre-programmed Standard Test routines allow highest user convenience. Still the MPG 200S5 offers the Quick Start test routine where parameters can be changed on-line during the test to evaluate the susceptibility level of an individual DUT.

Easy to operate

Front panel menu and function keys enable the user to program his test routines quickly and accurately. The cursor allows fast control of all test parameters of the programmed routine, thus test procedures are simplified and confidence is generated that every step is carried out correctly.

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