Rohde-schwarz- Vector Network Analyzers (Model:R&S®ZVT)

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Key Facts

  • Multiport measurements, avoiding any time loss due to matrix control
  • Flexible configuration of test ports for balanced and single-ended measurements
  • True differential measurements and coherent signal generation
  • Enhanced performance by parallel measurements on several DUTs
  • Multichannel receiver with simultaneous sampling of channels, e.g. for phase measurements on antenna arrays
  • Automatic calibration units
  • Point-in-pulse and pulse profile measurements with up to 16 receivers

Features & Benefits

The R&S®ZVT features the same comprehensive functionality and range of options as the R&S®ZVA. Plus, it offers a larger number of ports, i.e. generators and receivers. All applications described here for the R&S®ZVA also apply to the R&S®ZVT. The instrument offers excellent network analyzer characteristics and comprehensive measurement capabilities for two- to eight-port applications, irrespective of the number of test ports:

  • Extremely fast and accurate measurements on multiport DUTs
    • No delay caused by switch matrix control
    • Greater stability, reproducibility, and flexibility
  • Measurements on balanced DUTs
    • Virtual differential measurement mode (sequential stimulation of single-ended ports, standard mode)
    • True differential measurement mode:
      With eight test ports (four internal sources), up to four true differential signals can be generated and applied to the DUT ports simultaneously
  • Unique performance for measurements on amplifiers, mixers, receivers, frontends, etc.:
    • Arbitrary frequency and power settings for internal generators and receivers as well as external generators
    • Measurement of conversion loss, return loss, leakage, etc., of mixers
    • Intermodulation and hot S-parameter measurements on amplifiers
    • Intermodulation measurements on mixers by means of a single instrument
    • Measurements on double-converting DUTs, with the RF, LO1, and LO2 signals delivered by a single unit
  • Pulsed measurements on amplifiers, mixers, frontends, etc. (for details see "Applications" and "Options" tabs)
    • Frequency- and power-swept point-in-pulse measurements
    • Pulse profile measurements with 12.5 ns resolution on pulses, double pulses and pulse trains with a width smaller than 50 ns; recording time up to 3 ms
  • Multichannel receiver
    • Direct access to up to 16 channels by means of direct generator/receiver access option
    • Parallel, synchronous sampling of channels, e.g. for phase measurements on antenna arrays
  • Ideal for use in production
    • Parallel measurements on several DUTs increase throughput many times over
    • Reduced instrumentation effort

Brief Description

The R&S®ZVT8/R&S®ZVT20 from Rohde & Schwarz is the first true eight-port/six-port vector network analyzer with a frequency range from 300 kHz to 8 GHz/10 MHz to 20 GHz. The R&S®ZVT8 contains up to four internal generators and up to 16 receivers. The R&S®ZVT20 includes up to three internal generators and up to 12 receivers. This unique concept with one generator per two test ports makes the R&S®ZVT ideal for intermodulation measurements, even on mixers, (true) differential balanced measurements, multireceiver measurements with antennas or high throughput and efficiency in production.


Number of test ports 2 to 8 ( R&S®ZVT8)
2 to 6 ( R&S®ZVT20)
Frequency range 300 kHz to 8 GHz ( R&S®ZVT8)
10 MHz to 20 GHz ( R&S®ZVT20)
Measurement time per test point
At 1 MHz IF <3.5 µs
Sampling time per test point
At 5 MHz IF (with R&S®ZVA-K17option) 430 ns
Measurement time (201 test points) 4.5 ms
Data transfer time (201 test points)
Via IEC/IEEE bus <2.9 ms
Via VX11 over 100 Mbit/s LAN <1.3 ms
Via RSIB over 100 Mbit/s LAN <0.7 ms
Switching time
Between channels <1 ms
Between instrument setups <10 ms
Dynamic range at 10 Hz measurement bandwidth, between test ports 128 dB, typ. 138 dB ( R&S®ZVT8)
120 dB, typ. 133 dB ( R&S®ZVT20)
Output power at test port >13 dBm, typ. 15 dBm
Power sweep range >50 dB, typ. up to 60 dB
IF bandwidth
Standard 1 Hz to 1 MHz
With R&S®ZVA-K17option 5 MHz (10 MHz with restrictions)
With R&S®ZVA-K7option 10 MHz (30 MHz with restrictions)
Number of channels, diagrams, traces >100 each
Number of test points per trace 1 to 60001
Operating system Windows XP Embedded
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